Frequently Asked Questions

How does Nerdbird curate classes?

We tightly curate learning experiences on Nerdbird to ensure quality and safety, and to cater to the ever-changing and wide range of demand for topics from our community. We have a two-step curation process. All our teachers are selected based on stringent criteria and must clear background checks and police verifications before they can post classes. Then every class they want to post on Nerdbird is approved individually before it goes live on the website.

How do you ensure a safe learning environment?

It is our highest priority to ensure that children are safe and respected during any learning experience which they book on Nerdbird - online or in-person. We conduct background checks, police verifications and social media checks for all our teachers. During classes, students can express themselves freely and responsibly. Our teachers are trained to address or escalate any issues related to unsafe behaviour. For in-person experiences, we have a strict protocol for safety, including COVID-related rules to which teachers are obliged to adhere. Class descriptions will also have safety requirements listed explicitly, for parents to make suitable choices for their children. In case parents or caregivers have any concerns about student safety, please report them here and we will take swift action to address them.

Can I request a class for my child?

Yes! If you are looking for a class on a specific topic or for a special occasion, we can tap into our teacher network to design a custom class for your needs. You can either request a class which is already posted on our platform for a different time or with a group of your child’s friends, or even a private, customised class for your child’s interest. Let us know your requirements here, and we will be in touch!

What is the language of instruction for Nerdbird classes?

The language of instruction for all Nerdbird classes is English, unless specified otherwise in the class description. This is to make the classes more inclusive. If you would like to request a bilingual or vernacular language class, please share your requirement here, and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

What does Nerdbird provide for schools?

Sometimes schools may want to expand their offerings, and we work closely with school leaders and teachers to organise virtual and in-person field visits, introduce new and exciting topics and even meet long-term teaching requirements. Contact us here to discuss your requirements and ideas!

What does Nerdbird provide for companies?

Companies can offer Nerdbird class credits as part of their employee benefits to help parents focus on work while their children are engaged in fun, safe and quality learning experiences. We work closely with HR departments to design customised packages for companies’ needs. Contact us here to discuss your requirements.