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    Children explore and learn through bite sized gallery exhibits, games, activities and DIY challenges. 

  • On themes children love

    Fascinating topics, ranging from sharks to penguins, Van Gogh to Nelson Mandela, space to gross science!

  • Created by educators

    Designed by educators, experts and nerds around the world to spark a love for learning.

Unboxing Nerdbird's Museum in a Box: Vincent Van Gogh

  • Resources on how to navigate the Museum in a Box

  • Bite-sized exhibits on Van Gogh’s life, art & legacy

  • A mini gallery on Van Gogh masterpieces & the evolution of his art

  • Art and craft activities to create your own Van Gogh-inspired masterpieces

  • Games to explore Van Gogh’s art & flex your mind

  • Van-Gogh souvenirs from the Gift Shop